ON MOTHER’S DAY — By Cynthia De Boer



“Mothers’ contributions have fueled our world from the beginning of time, and will do so for all the days too come!”


A mother is:

a woman with or without biological children, who gives of herself unselfishly.  She seems tireless as she tends to their needs, putting hers aside.  Making mistakes just as everyone does, she is hardest on herself when an error is made.  This gentle person turns into the fiercest creature imaginable if someone – anyone – even attempts to harm her children.  She always knows where everything is – at least everyone believes so.  Hum — perhaps the uterus is a built-in homing device for misplaced items.  This powerhouse juggles a million things at once, and is always on call.  Preparing her children to care for themselves and those to follow is the most amazing, and important responsibility in the world.  A mother is love!

Take the time to acknowledge all the Mother figures in your life on this special day.  They are amazing people and have given so much of themselves to us.  Blessings to all the Moms of the world!


Author’s Note:  Wishing all you wonderful Mothers a joyful, lovely day!  The magnificent fern was located in the Tuhane Forest, Tasmania and was shot by Dann De Boer.  The beautiful garden was at the Government House in Sydney and was shot by me.  Story Date:  May 10, 2013

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  • Penny Rea Posted May 17, 2013 6:12 am

    Love what you wrote in this story because it is so very true and I think all Mother’s can relate to this especially about putting our needs to the side and just taking care of our children. I believe that whether we have children of our own or not we sometimes just have that natural maternal nature to take care of our young and actually everyone around us. You are a fine example of what a great Mother is all about! As I was growing up I looked up to you and came to you for advice on many aspects of my life which has gotten me through many things in my life and I am so proud of the Mom that you are and the person and sister you will always be to me!

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