A LOVE POEM — By Cynthia De Boer

Slice of Life/Love Poem


Love is holding your hand and sleeping in the buff.

Love is sharing the good times and those that are rough.



Love is Eskimo kisses and soft tickling beard.

Love is gentle, wild and sometimes quite weird.



Love is your voice reading me to sleep.

Love is your arms holding me when I weep.



Love is laughter, and understanding.

Love is a simple golden ring.



Love is found in a soul mate.

Love is a man who is first rate.



Love to me is you.

I love you, and that will forever be true!



Author’s Note:   The photo is of a handmade rose my husband purchased from a little girl at a fair.  Original poem date:  May 2010.  It was written for the love of my life.




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