Anne Karr

November 30, 2016-By Anne Karr-Boulder City Library Head of Cataloging and Processing

Cynthia Lee De Boer’s Me, Myself and Eye:  The Realities of Living With a Prosthetic Eye provides a heart to heart talk with a trusted friend for any individual facing the uncertainties of what to expect when a prosthetic eye is to a part of a foreseen future.  This frightening prospect for patients nationwide can be faced with hope and reassurance because of the honesty with which Be Boer shares her story.

This insightful book is referred to by some as a mini-memoir, but De Boer’s intent for sharing her experiences is to fill a void in material available to any person facing surgery or fearful of the practical realities which follow.  Her friendly, inspiring writing style can reassure the anxious person with a prosthetic of any kind, however, the author’s infectous, positive, encouraging tone will resonate with any audience in search of an inspirational story written by a vivacious, victorious person.