Thank You, Cynthia De Boer

March 23, 2017

Format: Paperback

Perhaps you or someone you know suffers from an eye condition and he or she is fearful or uncertain about what to do next or what might happen in the future. I can relate to that because Cynthia De Boer and I have something in common. Shortly after her birth, Cynthia’s parents realized that something was wrong with her vision. As a child, I remember visiting Dr. Hewett regularly. I have been wearing very thick glasses, just like Cynthia, since I was three years old. Just like me, one of Cynthia’s eyes has better sight than the other. Cynthia lost her sight in one eye as a teen. I lost the sight in my left eye as an adult. I can relate to Cynthia’s wonderful book, ME MYSELF AND EYE… the realities of living with a prosthetic eye.

Can you imagine what Cynthia went through as a child with serious eye issues, wondering what each new day would bring, having to suffer through pain one day and perhaps some relief the next day? Someone said that pain and suffering make you stronger. Cynthia has had a prosthetic eye since the age of seventeen. She has learned to deal with her eye issues so well that she has decided to share her journey with you by writing about it with ME MYSELF AND EYE.

It takes a very strong personality to be able to deal with serious issues and still be willing to share them with the world. Cynthia has surrounded herself with positive people along with experts in the field of eye care. Her belief system is strong and solid. MY MYSELF AND EYE is packed with solid eye-related information. I never knew a prosthetic (glass) eye was acrylic. Cynthia’s book is insightful and empathetic. She is thorough, even including stories about others facing the same issue. She has also included a chapter on eye diseases and web sites containing more useful information. Feel free to check out Cynthia’s blog. Lastly, she has included her email should you have any comments or questions. ME MYSELF AND EYE is a must-read for anyone dealing with eye issues.